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Lock Picking is an ancient art that has been around since the lock was invented. With this page we will share with you our gathered knowledge. This is a site for the hobbyist and people who want to know how to get out of a lockout situation. We do no intend for this information to be used for criminal intent.
About us
Here at Lock Picking, we are going to provide information on picking various types of locks. All shapes, sizes, and styles.We will cover lock picking techniques and methodology.

We will cover professional lock picking tools, as well as their home made counterparts.

This information will be provided for the lock picking hobbyist and people who want to learn how to pick a lock. We do not condone any illegal activities involving the lock picking techniques learned from this site.

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In our Frequently Asked Questions section, we will try to answer all questions submitted by visitors to the page. We will also leave the questions open to other visitors to comment, answer, and provide any insight they may have on the topic.